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MBS RECAP: Typically Boring Consolidation Ahead of The Fed
Posted on Friday March 16, 2018

Posted To: MBS Commentary

There were quite a few economic reports on tap today, and that made for some entertaining market watching! Reason being, every time a report came out, bonds were in the middle of one of their periodic sideways plateaus that followed what little market movement we actually witnessed. That actual market movement was almost entirely a byproduct of traders cleaning up their positions for the end of the week. The preceding paragraph is the sort of thing I might have read 15 years ago and incredulously wondered "sure buddy, but how do you know such things and why would I take your word for it?!" Don't take my word for it. Just look at this chart of 10yr yields and the yield curve. It doesn't really matter which line is which (yellow line is 10s) because we're focused on the...(read more)

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Mortgage Rates Just Barely Higher, But Lower This Week
Posted on Friday March 16, 2018

Posted To: Mortgage Rate Watch

Mortgage rates rose modestly today, but many lenders were essentially unchanged compared to yesterday's latest offerings. Moreover, rates ended the week slightly lower compared to last Friday's latest levels. That's no small victory in 2018, despite the fact that it is a small victory in general. Part of the motivation toward slightly higher rates over the past 2 days could be the looming Fed announcement next week. Oftentimes, bond markets (which underlie rates) don't want to move too far outside recent ranges when there's a risk the Fed may say or do something to redefine that range. In the current case, Wednesday's improvement brought average rates to their best levels in roughly 3 weeks. Traders aren't eager to explore anything lower without the Fed's blessing. But at the same time, they...(read more)

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Reverse Daily Mortgage

Some Reverse Mortgage Originators See Stability Ahead This Year
Posted on Sunday March 18, 2018

As the reverse mortgage industry continues to adjust to the rule changes issued late last year by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, originators are seeing signs of renewed stability in the market — and even opportunities for expansion. Asked to gaze into their crystal balls for the remainder of 2018, originators contacted by […]

U.S. Homeownership Rate Slips Versus That of Other Nations
Posted on Sunday March 18, 2018

Versus other developed nations, the United States is losing ground in terms of the rate of homeownership, new research finds.  Compared to 17 other first-world countries around the globe, the U.S. homeownership rate has fallen over time, an indicator that the American Dream is becoming less attainable, according to research published by the Urban Institute. […]